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Best GPS Tracker Phone Watch For Kids

GPS Children Tracker Phone Watch is a truly wearable cell phone and tracking device for kids. It allows you to find out where your kids are, call them, send voice or text messages to them and even hear what is going on around them!

This GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch can work independently without connecting to other mobile devices. Your kids can make or receive a phone call. Should something happen to your kids, they will be able to call you for help. Through the free app, you will be able to find out where they are with GPS location and what is happening to them.

Check out now for our Top 5 Best GPS Tracker Phone Watch For Kids to keep track of your kids at anytime anywhere.

1. NEW TickTalk 2 Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch, GPS Phone watch, Anti Lost GPS tracker with New App, Better Positioning Chip, Things To Do Reminder, Phone/Messaging (SIM CARD INCLUDED) - Blue

The TickTalk 2 uses WiFi + GPS + LBS 3-way locators to provide the accurate location information for indoors and outdoors. It'll report the current location to the App and update on the map. It comes with 2D and 3D Maps.

Two-way communication between your phone and the TickTalk. Up to 13 Contacts.

Up to 50 Things To Do Reminders that help parents create routines and tasks for your child. It will show a lovely icon with ringtone on the watch end to remind your child when time is up. It’s a fun thing for kids to follow the schedule, learn good habits and time management.

The App is compatible with all iPhones and Android cell phones. The watch runs on 2G GSM network ONLY. It's compatible with T-mobile, SpeedTalk, US Mobile, Ultra Mobile and Airtime. The TickTalk comes with a free SpeedTalk SIM Card but you need to credit the SIM card before using. There is a pay as you go plan, it is recommended a $9 monthly plan which is good to go.

You can purchase it now from $149.99 (new) on here.

2. GBD GPS Tracker Kids Smart Watch for Children Girls Boys Christmas Gifts with Camera SIM Calls Anti-lost SOS Smartwatch Bracelet for iPhone Android Smartphone (Blue)

All day real-time location tracking
Double position technology based on AGPS and Local Base Station allows all day real time location tracking for kids. Kids can one click SOS to get call if they in danger.

Remote Voice Monitor
The parents can hear and monitor the children secretly from the watch.

SOS Emergency Call
Press SOS Key for 3 seconds, it will call 3 SOS phone numbers alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call. This is main for emergency situation.

Forbidden in the Classroom
Parents can set the forbidden time while class time. The watch features are not available when the kids is in class time to ensure the normal order of the school.

Sim Card Requirement
The watch worked as unlocked GSM Phone, supported Micro SIM Card. Please buy extra GSM network SIM Card, it is recommended to use SPEEDTALK SIM.

You can purchase it now from $29.24 (used) or $38.99 (new) on here.

3. Kids Smart Watch, HALOFUN Q50 Wrist Watch with Anti-lost GPS Tracker SOS Call Location Finder SIM Card Slot Remote Monitor Pedometer Smart Watch for Kids (Green)

Dual mode positioning
GPS + LBS (Base station positioning) achieve all day real-time location tracing, able check the position at anytime anywhere. You can track the location via SMS, website, iOS or Android APP. The watch support the micro sim card of AT&T or T-mobile.

SOS & Parents Control
The child can dial the emergency number for help. Parents can download APP "SeTracker" with any smartphone to bind parents or other families phone number. In APP, then allow two-ways calls and location tracker in APP. Parents can dial the smart watch and your kids can also make a phone call to parents.

High Quality Material
Environmentally friendly material with lower radiation compared with competitor product, and will protect your kid's eyesight, waterproof for washing hand and playing games casually.

Electronic Fence
You can choose some activity areas for your kids on the APP maps, once your kids leave these areas, the APP will alarm to remind you automatically.

Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Voice Chat on App, Alarm Warning of taken off etc.

You can purchase it now from $25.99 (new) on here.

4. Dxrise Games GPS tracker watch phone gps smartwatch kids watches smart baby watch bracelet with camera flashlight function for girls boys toys gift (Blue)

GPS Locator
GPS functions only work outdoor.

Remote Monitoring
To keep your kids safe for anytime and anywhere.

SIM Card requirement:
The SIM card that support 2G network is required, with date traffic and can show caller ID. SpeedTalk is recommended for US users.

There is 30 day no reason to return and 90 day free replacement, 24 months warranty.

Wristband Material: Plastic +Silicone; Cellular Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz; Display: 1.44" touch screen; Speaker: 8Ω/0.5W; MIC: Built-in hi-fi MIC; Battery Capacity: 400mAh; Talk Time:3-4Hours; Battery Types: Li-polymer 3.7V; Telephone: Support; Camera: Support; Flashlight: Support

You can purchase it now from $37.99 (new) on here.

5. Diggro 2G SOS Kids Smart Watch GPS Anti Lost Children Safety Monitor 1.44Inch Touch Screen Camera Call Flashlight Finder Alarm-clock Health Helper for Android iOS

GPS Real- time Location
Supporting GPS, BDS, LBS, AGPS positioning system to strength the accuracy of the location so that you could know where your child is at anytime. Support Network: AT&T (Network 4), 850/1900MHz

SOS & Safe Area
The child could long press the SOS button key for help when they are in danger. Parents can customize security range on APP, when the child beyond the safety zone, the APP will receive the reminder immediately. (The minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.)

Built-in Camera
Parents can remote the camera on app or the child use it on the watch directly. The watch can only save one picture, when saving the new one, it will replace the old picture automatically.

Healthy helper
The watch can record child's daily steps, calories and distance every day and track movement route for past 30 days to record child’s health condition. Parents would no longer worry about your kid's trajectory and schedule.

1 year warranty and friendly customer service.

You can purchase it now from $42.99 (new) on here.

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  1. The very idea of children's watches is not bad. But I do not like these devices that look like copies of apple watch. My child has a smartphone, which I can easily track using gps mobile app At any time, if I need to, I will know where my child is. In this case, I do not spend money on the purchase of another device. Do you catch the difference?

  2. These are amazing GPS Tracker watch for kids. Best device to locate your kids and family.

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