Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Keep Your Home Safe From Fire with iPhone

Forget to turn off the stove and natural gas leaking can be the main causes of fire at home. Let your iPhone monitor it for you.

Everyone forgets to turn off the stove and a cooking fire occurs every 6 seconds in the USA. When the smoke alarm goes off, it may already be too late.

Early detection of gas leaking at home not only save your family's life, but protect your property too.

Let your iPhone protects you with the following gadgets and you can benefit by having greater peace of mind.

1. Wallflower Wireless Electric Stove Monitor; Everyone Forgets To Turn Off The Stove But With Wallflower You Can Reduce The Risk Of An Accidental Cooking Fire; Smartphone, WiFi, GeoFencing, Smart.

Wallflower Wireless Electric Stove Monitor enables you to monitor your stove from anywhere, anytime using the free Android or Apple app for smartphones and tablets. Therefore, wireless Internet at home is required.

It will notify you if you have left home and the stove is still on which may accidentally turned on by kids or pets, or your babysitter, forgetful older family members, or rental property tenants forget to turn it off.

Make your existing stove smarter in less than 5 minutes, no tools required. Just plug your stove's power cord into the Wallflower. It is rigorously tested for safety and rated for 50 Amps.

You can purchase it now from $179.00 (new) on here.

2. WIFI Smart Natural Gas Detector, Wireless Liquefied Petroleum Combustible Gas Leak Alarm - AirRadio APP Suitable for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy and More (R2)

Funtin Home AirRadio WIFI Smart Natural Gas Detector R2 is an automatic high-sensitivity gas leak alarm. When the natural gas (methane) leak occurs, R2 will automatically alarm and issued a 70dB alarm sound, and in the first time send a leak warning to your phone APP to protect your family's life and property safety.

If R2 is used with the solenoid valve, at the same time R2 will control the solenoid valve to cut off the gas source.

R2 uses high-precision gas-sensing electrode, when the leakage of gas concentration higher than 7%, it will immediately alarm, high-sensitivity electrode at the same time reduce the false alarm rate.

You can purchase it now from $49.98 (new) on here.

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